YGate -- turn your Yaesu FTM100 or FTM100 into an APRS packet igate, no extra hardware required.

Craig - KM6LYW

From the W6EK software development laboratory:

If you have a Yaesu FTM400 or FTM100, and a PC or Pi, you have all the hardware you need to create an APRS igate.  You just need one bit of software called "ygate" which translates the serial data output from your Yaesu radio, and converts it into APRS packets, then forwards them to the APRS information service on the Internet.  So why build an igate?  An igate listens to APRS packets on 144.390 (144.800 Europe), and relays them to the APRS Information Service where they're processed and relayed all over the world.  APRS can provide email, SMS, position reporting, and a host of other services.  You need an FCC/CEPT amateur radio license to use this software!