Some Californians Didn’t get Evacuation Alerts During Wildfires

Alan - W6WN

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - When Debra DeAngelo went to sleep, she thought the flames chewing through Northern California wine country were too far away to be dangerous. Plus, she had signed up for all the alerts that emergency officials pressed on people after years of catastrophic wildfires.
A frantic phone call from her friend woke her up two hours later: The ranch where they both boarded their horses was ablaze. DeAngelo raced to rescue terrified animals that night last week, furious she got no official warning by phone, text or siren.
“They alert us about all kinds of crap, but this was life-threatening,” she said, adding that she got an alert in April about a bear sighting 15 miles away. “If fire’s going to be a way of life for California, we at least have to have an alert system.”