Solar panels

Found this listing on Marketplace (Facebook) thought I’d put it out there.
Solar panels (PV) with inverters

Please go there, don’t message me… Facebook, then Marketplace, then Electronics

John Larribeau

Haven't found how to post new  message. Checked with this solar supplier.  The panels do not come with inverters. These panels are food for home systems and useless for most ham needs.  The output voltage is +- 48V.  Also the panels are too large for field use.
Upon further searches I have found a outlet for decommissioned panels ad a very good price.   He has home type panels, 36-48v.  He also has 12v panels for $20.00.
They are Siemens (Made in USA) model sp75.  They are 75 watt at 12v (14v).  P purchased some and they are just fine.  Also smaller and easy to handle in field environments.
Also listed in marketplace, electronics, "200w solar panels - great deal"
he is in grass valley and phone #
929-374-2009 cell
Company is a non profit to help kids in Africa.
(302) 466-3786] bus.