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SLOPER Antennas
Single- and Multi-Element Directive Antennas 
for the Low Bands
By Juergen A. Weigl, OE5CWL

With calculations and practical experience, this 236-page bookshows which basic concepts have to be considered for sloper antennas for the low bands. These fundamentals are supplemented by construction guidelines for directive antennas using a single element or several elements. Previously, gathering all the necessary information to construct an effective sloper for a particular application was tedious and time consuming. Here, in one place, the reader finds all of the information needed for successful home building of the antennas. Thus, this book fills a gap in ham radio literature.   

Some of the topics inside
1. Vertical dipole and sloper in free space, over perfect or real ground
2. Sloper with several elements  
3. Feeding sloper antennas 
 Multi-band sloper 
5. W3DZZ and double Zepp as a sloper antenna
6. Multi-element sloper antennas for multi-band operation  
7. Special types of halfwave sloper antennas
8. Multi-element phased sloper arrays
9. Bent-wire slopers
10. The quarterwave vertical radiator
11. The radial system
12. The sloping vertical
 Multi-element arrays using sloping vertica  
 The quarterwave sloper 

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