Shortwave Propagation Handbook

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Shortwave Propagation Handbook 
By Jacobs, W2ASK, Cohen, N4XX & Rose, K6GKU
This may well be the only book you'll need on the subject of ionospheric propagation for years to come!
A "must read" for Radio Amateurs, Shortwave Listeners, and the Radio Communicators of any type who need to make the most productive use of the radio spectrum, regardless of the time of day, the season of the year, or the state of the sunspot cycle. This is one book that is unlikely to sit on your bookshelf, unread; and likely to become your ever-present companion at the operating table as you master the art of shortwave radio propagation!

Here's a look at the Table of Contents!    

Chapter 1
 - Principles of Ionospheric Propagation   

Chapter 2
 - Sunspots and the Sunspot Cycle

Chapter 3
 - Sunspot Cycle Predictionsswp

Chapter 4
 - Do-It-Yourself Propagation Predictions and Master Propagation Charts

Chapter 5
 - Ionospheric Forecasts  

Chapter 6
 - HF Propagation Prediction Programs

Chapter 7
 - Unusual HF and VHF Ionospheric Propagation
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