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Subject: [pr:14806] Media Hit - IEEE Spectrum Article by KB1LQC
Date: November 26, 2019 at 7:06:28 AM PST
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The IEEE Spectrum magazine's Nov issue contains two ham radio-related articles.  The first, "Ham Radio Does Distant Data Networking" by F4HDK has gotten some attention.  The second has gotten less notice because it's not identified as written by a ham but "3D-Printing a Rocket" ( is written by Bryce Salmi, KB1LQC.  

Bryce and twin Brent, KB1LQD, are a pair to watch - Bryce worked for SpaceX and now Relativity.  Brent works for Tesla (IIRC).  They started - a forerunner to the College Amateur Radio Initiative that has gotten a good-sized following on Facebook with support from ARRL.

Good stuff!

73, Ward N0AX
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