Placer County & State - Stay At Home Order

Orion, AI6JB

Hello Everyone,

Just in case you want to see the office Stay @ Home Order issued by Placer County yesterday, here is a link:  The wording is nearly identical to the directives issued by the Bay Area counties earlier in the week and Sacramento's directive yesterday.

The State order is a one pager ( that links you to a Federal Site.  That site talks about sectors, not very specific in my opinion.

I provide this to you so that you may be informed by an official source.  An acquaintance of mine said yesterday the order means we can not leave our house for any reason.  That is not true!  While Placer County order states that at the beginning, you have to read the whole order, i.e. the exceptions.  Outdoor activities, driving to the store, etc ... are all ok to do provided you observe social distancing and personal hygiene.

Orion, AI6JB