Midland USA 25% Black Friday Discount

Alan Thompson

If you're thinking about picking up some consumer-grade GMRS, FRS or weather radios for gifts, for yourself or for your family, is offering a 25% Black Friday discount on their entire line of products now through the 29th. Also, you will get free shipping on any order of $100 or more. This is the biggest discount offered by Midland. Normally, Midland's standard discount is 15%, and occasionally 20%. Use promo code: BLACKFRIDAY

A few notes:

Midland's Weather radios offer S.A.M.E. radio technology where you can receive extreme weather and other alerts specific to your area, with programmable alerts for various conditions and emergencies: SAME alerts are part of the National EAS (Emergency Alert System) and will trigger your radio and alert you, even in the middle of the night. Great Gift Idea.

The Midland GMRS HTs and the XT511 Base Camp radio are simplex only and not repeater capable in that they cannot transmit on the 467 MHz GMRS repeater input channels.

The Midland GMRS mobile radios, like the MXT115 (15 watt) and MXT400 (40 watt) Mobile radios, are repeater capable. One limitation is that they cannot be programmed to use split PL tones for TX and RX, but most GMRS repeaters are set up to use the same tone for both TX and RX.

Midland now offers a 12-volt power supply to convert their mobile radios to base stations.