Initial success with PAT adapter on FT-857

Daniel - KK6WCG

I mentioned this on the coffee net yesterday.  I got a PAT adapter from (huprf) yesterday and have had some initial success getting it working.  I get a waterfall display on the SDR on my computer about 40Mhz wide and it seems like the radio's still working normally.  

Now that I'm starting to feel good about it, I'll go ahead and drill holes in the back of the chassis for a more permanent connector mount.  Just thought I'd share here.

Brian Gohl - AI6US

Good to hear it installed well! 

Just be sure that the tap doesn't reduce the receiver sensitivity. When installed in the Icom 706MKIIG, the receiver sensitivity was lowered by about 1 S-unit.

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Brian Gohl - AI6US 
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Brian- AI6US

Daniel - KK6WCG

I think you're right about the sensitivity & noise.  I need to find a way to measure it.  I think the sensitivity returns to normal when I disconnect the rtlsdr, so it might be okay to keep as an option.