In-person classes canceled at Berkeley

Aaron K6ABJ

In-person classes at Berkeley have been canceled. Professor Christian Schmid’s physics students received the following notice:

Aaron, K6ABJ

Greg D

:) Perfect!

I SO miss my honors physics classes at Berkeley! The staff there made
things both approachable and enjoyable. I remember spending one class
out on Faculty Glade throwing boomerangs with the professor to get a
hands-on feel for gyroscopes and various aspects of rotational physics.
But I quickly realized that computer engineering was fun too, and I
could actually get a paying job doing it. And the rest, so they say, is

If this thing continues, we can hold the April meeting on the club
repeater, with presentation slides sent via slow-scan TV.

Greg KO6TH

Aaron K6ABJ wrote:

In-person classes at Berkeley have been canceled. Professor Christian Schmid’s physics students received the following notice:

Aaron, K6ABJ

Nathan Chilton - K6NDC

I like his progression. Zoom is an excellent videoconferencing application. We started using it about a year ago at work and now all of our conference rooms are equipped with it. I use it all the time to communicate with coworkers in our Atlanta office. 

Alan - W6WN

Heh, I was just sitting here learning how to use Zoom. I had a presentation coming up for the Stockton Delta Club and now I won't be able to make it in person.

It's surprisingly simple to set up and use on both ends, and does exactly what I needed with the main PowerPoint presentation in full screen, with a talking head inset in the corner. Also has the ability to record the presentation. Very cool!

Probably should buy stock in Zoom. These companies are poised to profit from the current situation.

Nathan Chilton - K6NDC

Yeah, it looks like there's going to be a lot more telecommuting/teleconferencing for at least a short period of time as the COVID-19 situation plays out.

Zoom is the best video conferencing software I've used.  I liked Hangouts a lot, and prefer it to Highfive and GoToMeeting, but Zoom is great for both 1:1 meetings and larger groups.  It's a lot of fun to have our whole Engineering department participating in a meeting from their desks.  It's nice to a grid of everyone's faces in real time, reacting to what's being discussed.  

I use it with remote coworkers all the time, enabling me to see their screens and talk them through things.  I can even draw on their screen or type text that appears floating on top of whatever they're doing.  Sometimes I'll just type out the line of code that I'm suggesting and they can just look at what I've typed and copy it.  (There is also the ability to send text in a chat window, so that they can easily copy/paste it.)

Zoom is even better if you have a conference room set up for it.  We have two televisions in each conference room now.  One shows the person talking (or the screen/presentation being shared) and the other television shows the rest of the participants.  The experience is controlled by an iPad on the table, which knows which conference room it is in and which meeting is scheduled for that room at that time.  It means that you can walk into the room and the app on the iPad already knows which meeting is scheduled and has a big button on it which will join the meeting with a single tap.

Michele - WH7QC

I also use ZOOM for teleconferencing for inservice meetings I'm involved with about once monthly or every other month. I must say though that my log in is the phone number of my coordinator, so I would need to figure out what log in I would use.
I just downloaded Go to Meeting though, so I'll see how that works for me.

73Michele WH7QC

Orion, AI6JB

Hi Everyone,


I thought I would give you a few tips on GoToMeeting, which is the teleconference app we will be using for the Board Meeting on Friday night.


First, you DO NOT need to download anything, nor do you have to sign-up for an account.


Open your web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Type in the address:


When the page opens up, look in the upper right hand corner and look for the JOIN button and click it.

The next screen will have a white box for you to enter the Meeting ID:  423 - 173 - 365

A new page will open and you will be given a choice, Select the one that says "JOIN ON THE WEB" no download required.  The fastest, easiest way to join & host meetings.

The next screen gives you TWO options to customize your experience.

Select "COMPUTER" if you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone WITH a headset, or mic AND speakers.

Select "PHONE", if your computer doesn't have any audio.  The next screen will give you a phone number to dial.  Follow the prompts.

Remember to mute yourself as a courtesy to the other participants.  Of course, if you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to call me at 916.534.8251.

Orion, AI6JB