History of Marine Radio as Experienced by Jeff Herman, KH6O

Jim - N6MED

Victimized by 'chasing squirrels" on FaceBook and linked to W3ATB's personal web site. I found this great story on the history of Marine Radio. Mr. Herman was USCG Station Honolulu in 1977. I refer the reader to his bio on the referenced web page.

Those of you who are Morse Code practitioners will likely get more from the video than I did. Regardless practitioner or not, the video is incredibly fascinating.

Jim n6med

Skip - K6DGW

Interesting. Be a little careful with literal reading of some of the on-air exchanges. Long long ago, in a far away galaxy called SoCal, I got a brief [10 mo] introduction to maritime radio while a senior in HS. For the record, KOK was in Southern California, not Oahu HI. K6DGW