Heads Up About Illegal Repeater Use

Alan - W6WN

Yesterday on the EDCARC Repeater, AG6AU, the Repeater Trustee Bob Hess W1RH, happened to hear someone using a DTMF code to access an Echolink conference channel. Whoever did this was able to connect to the conference node but did not ID and the operators on both sides (2 meters and Echolink conference) were speaking Spanish. Bob immediately unplugged the internet feed to the Echolink box and after a few more tries, the Spanish language operator went away. Later that same day, Bob heard someone else with no ID, trying to access the repeater. Again, speaking in a foreign language, but Bob didn't think it was Spanish.

From Bob:
"The EchoLink system requires that your call sign be registered if you try to access it from a computer or phone, which is how EchoLink is used most of the time.  It is possible, via a radio, to access an EchoLink node and this is what the illegal operator was doing.  In all of the years we have had EchoLink operational on the the AG6AU repeater system, I have never heard anyone trying to access a node via the repeater.  Unlike IRLP, where we have an access code to ensure the system is not abused, I never set this up on the EchoLink node.  I am going to set up an access code tomorrow but, for now, I have the Internet unplugged from the node."

Just a heads up, it may be that some people have figured out a way to make a sort of cheap, International "phone call" via EchoLink through repeaters.

Dennis - WU6X

Thank you Alan (and Bob) ... this is food for thought and probably a wake-up call to tighten things up a bit B4 we have a problem.
Dennis, WU6X