GMRS Question...

Gary - KB7QWC

Hi Alan,

   I have a friend who is asking about what radio to buy for GMRS.  He has a license and a motor home.

   He says he doesn’t have a budget.

   His general wish list:

      dual band scanning,

      DTMF tones for control of remotes

      CTCSS capability

   And a nice mike.

   I use a Btech GMRS.V1 and haven’t had experience with other units.

   He would like a decent unit while traveling in the MH and useful in Foresthill.

   My thoughts are the BTECH handheld and the Midland MXT400 installed in the motor home.

   What are your thoughts and your input?



   …Gary, KB7QWC  WREN366

      Foresthill, CA