General License Exam Class -- Enrollment Begins Now!

Gary - KB7QWC

Congrats to all and thanks to the staff including Orion!

  …Gary, KB7QWC



Good Morning Everyone,

I am happy to announce three of our students passed the General License Exam last night!  Please congratulate and welcome to the HF bands:

  • Michele, WH7QC (SFARC Member and Secretary)
  • Nanci, KN6JHX, and
  • Charles, KN6LDK (Graduate from our Summer Tech Class and recipient of the Daniel Fogard W6PRL Scholarship)

This would not have been possible without the many hours volunteered by our instructor staff:

  • Jef, N5JEF
  • Orson, KG6UCS, and 
  • Phil, KM6NFS

Thank you gentlemen!  Couldn't have done it without you!!

And finally, Brian, AI6US, for organizing and conducting a special VE session just for our students.

Again, congratulations and thank you all for a job well done!!

Orion, AI6JB