FOR SALE: Yaesu 800DXA Rotor #forsale

Dennis - WU6X

I have for sale, a virtually new Yaesu 800DXA medium-duty rotor and control box (less cabling). This unit was installed, brand new, by me in a 60' free standing tower that subsequently was blown down two weeks later by the edge of a hurricane that came near my friend's QTH in Virginia Beach, VA. So, relative to operation, it is virtually brand new, having been used intermittently for only 2 weeks.

This is an excellent rotor choice for moderate-size tribands or monoband HF antennas. The rotor features 450° of rotation range, variable speed adjustment and "user pre-sets" for your favorite directions. Wind load capacity up to 20 sq ft. Control Box requires 100~120 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz, and can be wired for 240 VAC. I would prefer pickup in Auburn, rather than ship (18 lbs).

HRO is selling this rotor and control box for $470 (less cable) and shipping. I'm asking $300 pickup in Auburn, CA. Packaging and shipping is extra if you require me to ship. NOTE: HRO sells a 100 foot rotor cable with Yaesu connectors on both ends for $140 plus shipping.

Dennis, WU6X
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