locked sticky Event Photos, Shack Pix, Other Activities #QST #photo-notice

Dennis - WU6X

Space is limited on the Groups.io free server. Please upload group activities photos via the W6EK.org website, Photos tab. Photos uploaded via the W6EK website go into a holding folder, are reviewed by me, then placed in the appropriate folder in our Dropbox to keep things organized, making them easier to find.

This is also done to control server space as well as to keep spam, questionable or copyright photos, off our site for legal purpose. Please indicate the source or event the pictures were taken. 

Also, when possible, please set the "file size" to 500Kb or less, 72dpi. This can be done with Microsoft Image Resizer for Windows, or other available applications for Windows or Macintosh. This size will look just fine on a computer screen. Microsoft Image Resizer

Thank you for your assistance.

Dennis - WU6X
Groups Administrator