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The ABC's of Morse Code Operating 

By Ed Tobias, KR3E 



This small but solid guide is the perfect read for those interested in learning or improving CW operating techniques! 


Within its pages you'll find:   

  • The secret of becoming a proficient CW Operator
  • Where and how to practice, practice, practice.
  •  Straight Key or Paddle?
  • Adjusting your Straight Key or Paddle
  • Keyers, Iambic Keying and Bugs
  • Contests, Events, DXing
  • Operating QSK
  • CW Filters
  • Signs, Signals and Procedures
  • Tips on Taking CW On the Road . . .  and much, much more!

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6 X 9 Paperback - Only $15.95 

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CN/MX $5; All Other Countries $10.


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