Checked in to a net for 2nd time tonight, antennas

Mark Graybill

Amaryllis, KJ6TFT, and I went to the Nevada County club's Pizza & Net event tonight. We were both able to check in from the Round Table in Grass Valley with the rubber duck on my HT. :)

We wore our SFARC badges, and it sounds like some of them are interested in coming by an SFARC meeting sometime soon.

I believe this was Amaryllis's first net check-in.

Good pizza and some great conversation.

Also, I'm putting together a 10m hanging loop. Got started yesterday, today was full, will hopefully manage to finish it tomorrow if tuning goes well.

I'm going to be ordering bits for a skyloop sometime in the next few days, and if a check comes in from a job quickly enough I'll probably add a new 2m rig to the order. I got a look at W6WEM's loop, and what he told me about it is very encouraging. It doesn't even have to be too terribly high! 40-60' is what he said makes fo the best performance.

The ARRL has a small library online here about HF loops, including the Skyloop article:

So I'm reading up, and walking off distances between trees that are well away from power lines. I may just use a homebrew transit for some that are on steeper slopes.

-Mark, W8BIT