A High and Awful Price: Lessons Learned From the Camp Fire #emcomm #emcomm

Alan Thompson

This is a mini-documentary taken from interviews with first responders, disaster response officials and the survivors of the Camp Fire, passing on hard-won knowledge to those who may someday face their own disaster.
It was made in connection with Butte County and is meant as a clear, simple explanation of the causes, effects and responses to a disaster as complex, overwhelming and devastating as the Camp Fire–while also communicating the most important lesson: You are not helpless and there is something you can do in the face of danger.
It is very good and should be Required Viewing by First Responders and anyone here in Fire Country.

Carl - N6CKV

Thanks Alan - Forwarded it to Placer County ARES, and my contacts at county OES and Sutter Roseville Hospital, and my local fire chief