Red Cross Winlink Exercise this Saturday

Nathan - N5NDC

Details can be found here: 

Basically, there is a morning exercise and an afternoon exercise.  The morning is just for Red Cross volunteers, but the afternoon exercise is open for all amateurs to participate.  For the afternoon exercise, they're asking for two messages:
  • a "check-in" using the check-in form, including your GPS coordinates and a description of your station 
  • transcribe all of the fields from a hand-written 6409 to a Winlink template form

Jim - N6MED

The Red Cross Calif Gold Country Region, consisting of virtually all 26 counties of NorCal, is not participating in this communications exercise. I do not discourage any hams in our region from participating if that's what they want to do as it can be useful for practice using Winlink.

It must be noted that is not affiliated with nor part of the American Red Cross.

We have, however, already conducted our own exercise recently that was based on the real  communications support that we need during our disaster responses and have experienced. We shall be planning more in the future where we invite ARES and other hams to move simulated traffic using flmsg Red Cross Custom HTML forms (which would be populated by Red Cross personnel) attached to a Winlink email message.

Anyone interested in more information re or on becoming members of our Red Cross disaster communications cadre, I invite you to contact either me or Michael Joseph KK6ZGB directly. Both of us are Red Cross volunteers and are the Liaisons to ARES and amateur radio within the CA Gold Country Region.

Jim Piper N6MED
jim.piper@... or n6medjim@...

Michael Joseph KK6ZGB
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