New HF Amp: 1w IN/100w OUT #QST

Dennis - WU6X

As seen on QSO Today Virtual Ham Radio EXPO. Assembled amps are around $60. Some kind of control is required, e.g. Arduino or other micro computer. A 100w antenna tuner is also in the works, which will come with the microprocessor control.

Dennis - WU6X

Skip - K6DGW

Hmmm ... and all I'd need is a 50 VDC power source?

Fred K6DGW

Phil - KM6NFS

I see they have the PCBs available, too. This would be fun as a kit, as long as you don't mind soldering those itty bitty SMT caps :). I like how it fits onto a standard PC CPU heatsink.

Phillip KM6NFS.