Code Practice Oscillator Kit #morsecode

Dennis - WU6X

From the K9YA Telegraph, Folume 17, Issue 7 July 2020

I thought some of you might find this interesting and useful if comtemplating either building a small, fun kit, or wanting to learn Morse code. This kit is offered and designed by the North fulton Amateur Radio League, Roswell, GA, and is designed to fit into an Altoids mint container.

CPO Kit image

This is a kit of parts needed to build the Code Practice Oscillator (CPO) introduced at TechFest 2020.  It i is simple to build and lots of fun to use.  All parts needed to build the kit are included in your order.  An optional Altoids tin for storage is not included.

Kit instructions are available here.

Price includes tax and shipping to US locations.  Allow up to three weeks for delivery via mail.

Send your questions via email to KN4OAK@...

Our customers are very happy with the kit.  Here is a comment received from one:

I spent the most enjoyable evening building this code practice oscillator with my very-excited 10 year-old grandson.  It was perfect: low parts count, easy assembly, blinky light, and built-in key.  He is psyched, pounding away learning Morse.  He must have thanked me a dozen times.  Now he says he wants to get his license. Best $10 I've spent in  a long time.

Buck, k4ia
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Dennis - WU6X