ARRL Life Membership for those 70+ #QST

Carl - N6CKV

The ARRL is starting a 70+ Lifetime Membership reduced rate


Dennis - WU6X

Yikes! $750? What are they thinking ... It should be something like $100, IMHO, after you've paid dues for the past 25 years!
Dennis - WU6X

Skip - K6DGW

Indeed! You'd have to live about 16 years beyond 70 to break even on that one. Typical of the "Old ARRL." I was hoping that the mini-revolution that came about near the end of 2017 would re-vitalize ARRL and get rid of the Ole Boys Club that the BoD had become but so far, there doesn't seem to be much progress in the "Re-vitialize ARRL" department.