Loomis Hamfest 2020 - SFARC Needs YOUR!

Orion, AI6JB

Hello everybody!

Loomis Hamfest 2020 is on Saturday, March 21, 2020, T- 37 days  21 hours 12 minutes according to our countdown timer on the website.  This event is our major fundraiser for the year and a great  opportunity to get Ham radio into the community.

Our Hamfest draws folks from as far away as the SF bay area, Reno, Redding, and Manteca.  We have a swap meet, Club Table, Door Prizes, Coffee & Donuts, Test Bench, Elmer Tours, ARRL Booth, presentations, a Talk-in station, and free parking.  This year our presentations are really not presentations, but hands-on workshops on Digital Communications, i.e. Fusion, DStar, DMR, and Hot/Open Spots.  We will have Elmers (typically old, but not necessarily, Hams who know more about ham radio than the rest of us) for each mode there to answer your questions and help with setting up your radio.  Even if you do not have a radio, yet, learn what you will need and what is the best equipment.

How can you get involved?

First, spread the word!  Flyers will be at Friday's meeting.  Take a few and pin them up on community boards, e.g. library, stores, post office next to my picture ;-)  Get on the air and "Talk-up" the Loomis Hamfest.  Visit other club nets and make a brief QST.  All the information is on our website.  Our Loomis Hamfest webpage even has a Contact Us form if anyone has a question.

Second, sign-up to help.  You can email me or put your name to the Sign-up that will be passed around at the meeting on Friday.  This is an all hands on deck event.  We need everyone's help to make this a fun, enjoyable, and successful Loomis Hamfest 2020!!

Our next and last Loomis Hamfest planning meeting will be at the site, Historic Loomis Train Depot in downtown Loomis, on Tuesday, March 10, starting at 17:00.  You are welcome to come out, get the inside scoop, and see the site.

Orion, AI6JB
Loomis Hamfest 2020 Chair