California QSO Party (CQP) 2019 #contest

Orion, AI6JB

Hey everyone!

The California QSO Party (CQP) is coming up on Saturday and Sunday, October 5-6, 2019.

This is a 30 hour HF CW & Phone contest.  It is very busy and an absolute blast to be a part of.  Never a dull moment.

Everyone is invited to come.  Tech, General, Extra, beginner, or pro, it doesn't matter.  We love contesting so much, we want to share with everyone.  We are glad to show you how to contest like a pro and will be at your side to coach and mentor you.

The W6EK CQP Expedition Contest Station will be near Robinson Flat at the end of Foresthill Road about 45 mins from Auburn.  We plan to start setup on Friday afternoon on October 4, 2019, and camp there over the weekend.  You can rough it with us at the site or camp at Robinson Flat Campground with toilets and water.  Or just joins for a few hours.  You being there will make it that much more fun.

Depending on how many folks respond, the current plan is to have up to two (2) ICOM 7300s with antennas for 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, and 10m.  Last year's crew:  Bob, K6UDA, Peter, WB6POT, Glenn, KM6RGQ, Gary, KC3PO, and Al, NI2U, scored 57,232 points which was a Placer County Multi/Multi Low Power Record and 1st Place.  We Ranked 3rd in all of California for the M/M non-expedition category.

As a Club, Sierra Foothills ARC did very well.  Four (4) members submitted logs for a combined total of 82,762 points which placed us 9th overall in the Small California Club category.

W6EK and SFARC can be competitive!   All we need is you to be on the team.  If you are interested in taking part, please let us know.

Go Team!!

Orion, AI6JB

Skip - K6DGW

Should anyone be interested in activating rare Tulare County in the CQP, you might contact Dean, N6DE, the CQP Coordinator for NCCC. Note: I'm NOT making the following up -- US Tower offers a 60' [I think] trailer mounted crankup, installed by them for your use. You provide the tri-bander, coax, and radios. In addition, the tower will be set up at their facility in Tulare County adjacent to their "hotel" [remember, I said I was not making this up] with normal hotel facilities for a team. I think there may also be some food involved. The cost is a nominal $0. The offer may have already been snapped up, but it would be worth a check if there's interest in a rare county expedition. You can contact Dean at cqden6de@...

Orion, AI6JB

2019 CQP Wrap-Up!

This year we ran the California QSO Party (CAP) as a Low Power Multi/Multi County Expedition up near Robinsons Flat Campground at the end of Foresthill Divide Road.  "Low Power" means less than 200 watts. "Multi/Multi" means multiple operators, 6 total, and multiple stations, 2 total.  "Expedition" means we setup a temporary station using temporary antennas.

A total of 6 operators took the mic over a period of 30 hours to amass 340 contacts and 53 multipliers (note there are only 58 multipliers, 50 States + 8 Canadian provinces).  In addition, we made contacts with stations in 37 of the 58 California Counties.  This year we made 3 DX contacts with 1 each to Chile, Honduras, and the Slovak Republic.  All told we made contact with 4 of the world's 7 continents.  Only Asia, Antarctica, and Australia, proved to be elusive.

20 meters was once again king with 186 Q's (short for QSO's or contacts) followed by 80m with 58, 40m with 53, and 15m with 43.  Yes, it was a good weekend for 15 meters!

This year we had 6 operators put Q's in the logbook.  They were Brian, AI6US, with 105, Peter, WB6POT with 72, Ken, K6KEC with 27, Dustin, W6YUE, with 12, Al, NI2U with 8 CW contacts, and me, AI6JB with 2 CW and 114 SSB.

The highlight of the event was 4 students and their instructor from Mc Clatchy High School visited us.  What an enthusiastic bunch?  Brian and I tried our best to bore them with our limited knowledge of amateur radio, but they wanted more.  Al, NI2U, had them all keying their names in CW.  Two of which pronounced they were going to get their license just so they could do CW.  But perhaps the best moment of the day was when they accepted an invitation to the mic and each, including their instructor made their first HF contacts!

Special thank you's go out to Clyde, AB4CC, and Al, NI2U, who helped us setup on Friday.  AND, Ken, K6KEC and Chip, KM6MDF, who showed up Sunday to help us break-down.  Your help made the wonderful weekend that it was.  THANK YOU!

Definitely a very successful event.  Check-out the photo album here on for pictures.

73 All,
Orion, AI6JB