Kenwood KMC-32 Mobile Microphone

Jim - N6MED <n6med@...>

Thanks to Birton, I recently found out I had a woodpecker in my transmit audio from both of my TM-V71s.

Through some research on-line, I learned it's the keypad clock signal leaking into the mic audio due to Kenwood poor mic design and a bad mic audio shield ground. Kenwood apparently uses a proprietary mic cable, differing from Cat 5 in which wire is shielded.

The problem is known to Kenwood service techs, though that fact is hard to pull out of them. I think the problem manifests from a once working radio due to lateral stresses on the RJ45 connector, either at the radio body jack or the mic jack. I replaced the cable on my base with an aftermarket cable (ref Amazon below) and an OEM cable (expensive!) from Kenwood. Both cables killed Woody.

Kenwood's supplier,
PacParts Inc.
1860 W. Carson St. Suite #102
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: (800) 421-5080 or (310) 515-0207
Fax: (800) 782-5747
Email: Customer_service@...
Also (a thank you to Brian AI6US), a good replacement (verified, I just replaced mine) made by "MAXTOP" (yes, Chinese) available from Amazon:

Joshua - KK6VHH

Is this the mic cable we discussed on the net this morning?
KK6VHH - Joshua

Joshua - KK6VHH

Unfortunately that particular item is not available. Here is a compatible model:

It's only ten bucks so I am just going to order it and see what happens... 

KK6VHH - Joshua