Real Time Onlline ScoreBoard - Let's have some FUN! #contest

Orion, AI6JB

Hi Everyone,

Dennis and I found this really cool online scoreboard that allows you to post your scores during a contest online.  It allows you to see how other club members are doing in the contest or how you are doing in the contest overall.  It is called Contest Online ScoreBoard and it can be found at 

We have setup a team called “SFARC CW Miners” and a private room called “SFARC CWers”.

So how do you get involved in all the fun?

Step 1 – go to and register.

Step 2 – Log into your account.

Step 3 – Select the contest by using drop-down in the upper left corner.  Select “Coming: ARRL Sweepstakes CW” and then GO.



Step 4- Open your profile by clicking PROFILE in the menu bar.



Step 5 – Select the Club and Team from the drop-downs below your callsign, then click UPDATE PROFILE.



Step 6 – Join the Private Room by clicking “Create private room”.  Type the following PIN VOAy1LPaZEwRaW1PARQj in the box next to “PIN Code:”.  Actually, it would be easiest to cut and paste it.  😉


Now, if you click on Home you won’t see your callsign.  Hmmm, one last step.

Step 7 – Connect your logging software to the Contest Online ScoreBoard.  They provide instructions on how to do that.  Just click the “Help with Logger Setup” button on the right end of the main menu.  They provide a list of supported loggers with good instruction for each, see below.

Once you have your logger connected your callsign should show up on the main scoreboard, Club Scoreboard, and Private Room.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with Dennis, WU6X, or me and we will gladly help you out. 

Looking forward to working the ARRL Sweepstakes CW this weekend and seeing how the rest of you fair.

Hope to hear you on the air!!

Orion, AI6JB

Dennis - WU6X

Excellent, Orion. Thanks for doing this and a great job and sorting out the user-interface. BTW, if you use N3FJP SS software and Winkeyer, you can setup the MACROs to send the exchange, including the consecutive serial number, and log the contact. Here are my Winkeyer MACROs ... put your call where you see mine and year licensed as appropriate:

#2: $ # B WU6X 71 SV (the exchange when running; $ picks up the call in the call field, and # sends the next serial number)
#3: TU WU6X ! (the "!" logs the contact and clears all fields)
#4: R TU # B WU6X 71 SV (the exchange when doing search & pounce)
#5: WU6X (to send your call as needed)
#6: ?
#7: QRZ WU6X

Hope this helps.
Dennis, WU6X

Dennis - WU6X

Is anyone in the Club entering this contest besides me as Sierra Foothills ARC? If not, I'm going to push my Q's to NCCC.
73, Dennis, WU6X

Earl Wilson

Dennis, I will go ahead and put my two-bits worth in.
Earl, K6GPB

On 2018-11-03 21:36, Dennis - WU6X wrote:
Is anyone in the Club entering this contest besides me as Sierra
Foothills ARC? If not, I'm going to push my Q's to NCCC.
73, Dennis, WU6X