2018 HF Interop Exercise ALE SELCALL 11-22 October #emcomm #automation

Jef - N5JEF

WHAT? the Ham Radio "HF Interoperability Exercise" (HFIE) 

WHEN? 12-22 October 2018 (0001UTC 12 October to 2359UTC 22 October) 

WHO? All ham radio operators are invited to participate in 10 days 

of free and informal ALE and SELCALL operation on all amateur radio bands.

WHERE? This is a free open international worldwide event on amateur radio, 

for all countries, oceans, air, and space. 

WEB? The HFLINK.NET website provides a connectivity map and real time 

chat room for coordination of HFIE operating activity. 

Freely discuss, learn, share experiences, and find solutions.

WHY? Operators get real-world experience and become proficient in 

HF interoperability communications and SELCALL selective calling. 

They initiate and respond to ALE calls and soundings, link up with 

fellow operators for text or SSB voice QSOs on HF, and share helpful 

information about setting up ALE and SELCALL stations. 

The experience gained by operator participation in this readiness 

exercise is also useful for HF Emergency/Disaster Relief communications.

HOW? Operators can use a software ALE or SELCALL controller with their 

HF amateur transceiver, or else use an HF radio with built-in ALE or SELCALL. 

Operation is primarily on the HFLINK channel frequencies (HFL-HFN-HFS) .

Ham operators use the same standards as non-governmental and government 

organizations worldwide for interoperable HF communications. 

This readiness exercise covers standard ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) 

and SELCALL (HF Selective Calling). 

Join the growing thousands of amateur radio operators worldwide 

with ALE-capable and SELCALL-capable stations. 


ALE Channel Frequencies (HFL-HFN)

SELCALL Channel Frequencies (HFS)