Stargazing with Mark and Greg

Gerry - WA6E

Last Saturday night my wife and I had the privilege of attending a Stargazing presentation at the Placer Nature Center.  It was hosted by Mark, W8BIT, assisted by Greg, KO6TH.  Mark had announced this event at the club meeting the night before and invited club members to attend.  There was a talk session followed by field observing. It was fantastic.  I learned a lot and was very impressed with the star show. From their reports to the club we all know that Mark and Greg are very knowledgeable about satellites.  But I had no idea the level of expertise and experience these two had about space in general.  Whenever I have an opportunity to learn something from experts of this magnitude, I take advantage of it.

Mark tells me there will be another such event in September - I'm sure he will announce it to the club.  If you are at all interested in celestial activities, I highly recommend you attend.  Meanwhile, thank you Mark and Greg for a fascinating and professional presentation.


Birton - N6UG


Thanks for the update! Unfortunately I had a conflict last Saturday.

But, I'm very interested in the September event and really hope I can attend that one!

Have a great weekend,