Count Down to Field Day #cal-reminder #fieldday

Gary - KC3PO

It's only about a month away folks - got your gear dusted off and ready to go?

Things seem to be coming together pretty well... as you probably gathered from Brian's recent post, the club has taken delivery of the two 10' x 20' popups that will be used to create our fellowship area that will feature chairs, refreshments, a big screen TV monitoring stats/contacts and so on.

As in the past, we'll be running 4A (four stations simultaneously operating) PLUS a GOTA (Get On The Air) station PLUS a VHF station. One of the four main operating positions will be a dedicated digital station set up by Orion (this will be a great opportunity to learn about and even operate digital modes if you're interested)... two of the main operating stations will be tried and true Elecraft KX3 w/ 100w amps. The remaining main operating station (during the day) is designated as the "fun" station - an easy-to-use touch screen Icom 7300. We thought this would be an attractive option for club members who just wanted to casually jump in and knock out a few QSOs for fun. As previously mentioned the 7300 will only be available during the day. When the 7300 is put to bed, the GOTA station will become one of the main operating stations. GOTA station during the day / main station at night will be a Flex 6000 series software defined radio. If you haven't see one of these in operation, you're in for a treat!! Definitely check it out!

We're planning on more antennas this year - three 80m doublets fed with ladder line (should be able to tune these to just about any band)... and a 160m End-Fed-Half-Wave that can cover 160/80/40. We'll have at least two, maybe three beams to cover the 20/15/10m bands as well.

Also new this year will be a designated tent camping area - tent camping is encouraged, and by all means bring your families!

We're still in need of someone to head up the cooking of the meats... please let me know if you're willing to take this on or maybe at least if you have a suitable BBQ and/or smoker(s) that can be brought up to the site. We normally have Tri-Tip and maybe chicken... cook it low-and-slow so really won't a high maintenance situation! Assuming we can at least get the right gear up there, I imagine we can coordinate a few people to trade off watching the meats (I'll be happy to help!). The club will supply the meats as well... but it's not going to cook itself. Please step up and be the hero! Eight people indicated on the Field Day survey that they had cooking gear that they could bring up... 

We also need tables and chairs... in the past, we had a source of tables and chairs. We no longer have that source. Can we crowd source this one? Twenty people indicated on the survey that they could bring chairs and eighteen indicated they could bring tables. Seems like probably enough, but we need to nail down who's bringing what just to be sure. Same goes for popups... seems like we have enough in the club, just need to do some final coordination.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting excited!

- Gary  KC3PO