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I have been in electronics most of my life.  Built my first amplifier in 7th grade.  I put 8 years in the Navy on board Polaris Submarines as a Missile Technician.  Was a novice in the early 60’s but let it expire.  Moved back to California  for a couple of years then to Portland, Or.  Owned and operated a two-way radio shop (Vecom) for 8 years and finally in 1990 moved back to Woodland, Ca. my home town.  I did get my Technician license in 1985 and upgraded to Extra after coming back here.  I worked in Aircraft Electronic (Avionics) until retirement in 2008.  Obtained my GROL (FCC First Phone) while working in Avionics.  Currently involved with HF, 6 meters, 2, 220,440 and 900 mhz.  Currently run several manufactures equipment.  My main HF rig is a new Yaesu FTDX-3000, Kenwood TS-450 back up.  The VHF-UHF  is a mixture of Alinco, Yaesu and  Motorola equipment.  Spend my time helping other hams and doing projects (test boxes) for previous employer.