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169 total. Made a few from the tunnel but we gave after about 2 hrs of antenna issues.

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How many contacts did you guys make? I worked SO/LP (<200w) and worked about 250 from home, but was only able to be "on air" about 8 hours due to many interruptions and other "weekend projects". Because of the time limitations, I worked primarily 40m and 20m, switching back and forth between CW and SSB. This is half what Chuck and I did last year from Sierra County. But ... still fun!
Dennis - WU6X

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Bob, I may CU Sunday morning.
Bob WE6C

From: Bob - K6UDA <whpmotorsports@...>
Sent: Friday, October 4, 2013 6:18 AM
Subject: [W6EK] CA QSO Party

This weekend is the CA QSO party & we're planning to play radio at the top of Clark tunnel road, in Penryn CM98ju. The QSO party is simple. Because we are in California, everyone in the world wants to work us, making us the rare DX.

I don't know how many folks are planning to show up. It may be one, it may be 10. One of the cool things is, if your a tech thinking of upgrading, this is great opportunity to operate the HF bands.

I'll be up on the hill at about 0730 hrs,. If propagation is decent & my new antenna works, I'll be there till noon or so, then back on Sunday morning to do it all again.



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