Inputs on educational club projects

Jon - KI6RT

Many of us have been discussing educational projects beyond RDF (Radio Direction Finders) that could be used for club builds (e.g. like the RDF kit building event that Doug, Tom, & Greydon ran). The intention behind the educational projects are to:
1. Learn basic electronics
2. Learn assembly techniques
3. Learn circuit testing techniques

Of course while producing something that has a high probability of working and providing a useful function. As discussed in this morning's Coffee Break Net the initial candidate projects are:
1. Basic Linear Power Supply (13.8V 10 Amp) 
2. Solar DC/DC Power Converter -- DC Input range from 12V - 120V, DC outputs of 5V 10 Amp, 13.8V 10 Amp with USB charging circuitry to charge phones/accessories while simultaneously running radios
    Have found this to be useful for emergencies (earthquake, fires, flood) when the grid is down... but car batteries, solar panels, hydroelectric or wind generators are available.
3. ?

If you have an input on what would be a simple and useful project for a club build please reply with your thoughts!

Jon - KI6RT

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