Re: What repeaters do you monitor?

Gerry - WA6E

I have other repeaters programmed in - e.g. RAMS, NHills, Sutter Buttes, YDD, AK6OK, VacaARC, River City, Diablo - but I don't monitor them.  Sometimes when EK gets quiet and I long to hear more of Rob (KM6YKX) talking, I switch over to Diablo (145.33) where you're likely to hear him (he's there right now talking about the price of beef).  Most of the time I leave it on W6EK.


On 7/30/2022 1:36 PM, Herb - KM6JBI wrote:
I'm updating repeaters that I have programmed for my shack radio.

Just curious, who monitors what repeaters? I mostly park it on W6EK.

-Herb KM6JBI 

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