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Greydon - KC6SLE

Cool! I like.

Greydon - KC6SLE

On Jun 15, 2022, at 3:21 PM, Brian - AI6US <ai6us@...> wrote:


Picked up two magnetic passive sound directors on Ebay. Used them last weekend on the VHF contest and it was amazing how much these 3d printed director shells improved the audio! The audio is directed towards the operator instead of into space or the ceiling. The units are 3D printed and the three securing magnets are recessed. Don't think the shell will scratch the radio, but thinking of placing three felt pads over the magnets to protect the transceiver from the director if it is slid around on a dusty surface.

Cost is approx. $19 including shipping (2 for $30).

Bought one each for the IC-7300 and IC-9700 radios, but they would work well on most top firing speaker. Approximately 3" wide, 2" deep and 2" tall. Working outdoors I found the audio level could be reduced and the vocal range was sharper and less muddy to my ear. Will be bringing them to Field Day. Check them out!

Maybe the 3D files are available for DIY?

Brian- AI6US

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