Re: What kind of antenna is this?

Lisa - KC6SLE

Looks like a commercial broadcast antenna, most likely AM broadcast. See if you can see the base of the antenna. If the antenna is mounted on large insulators then the whole structure is the radiating element.

There are three very similar AM broadcast antennas on the left of the toll plaza heading west on to the Bay Bridge.  


On Nov 23, 2021, at 3:13 PM, Smitty - K9CCO <K9CCO@...> wrote:

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So I did some sleuthing and found what looked like a house at the base.  It looks like a MW antenna 1360AM.  The mystery has been solved.  However the antenna at the top is still a mystery to me as I don’t think the one at the top is medium wave. Is that just lightning protection?



Smitty K9CCO

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