Re: What kind of antenna is this?

Greg - KO6TH

Yikes! If not an audience, apparently not the FCC either. You might try to let the station manager know. That behavior isn't good for anyone.

Greg KO6TH

On November 23, 2021 3:36:24 PM PST, Smitty - K9CCO <K9CCO@...> wrote:
The lightning protection was a long shot. There is a wire going from that top diving board to the bottom.  I have never seen a ground plane at the top of a tower like that, interesting.
The station is at around 115% modulation and sounds terrible and the FM (located in the same building) has the AM signal about 10dB down on their carrier, totally audible with the music.  I honestly wonder if anyone listens to either of these stations. :)
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