Re: ClearNode RX Flutter

Gerry - WA6E


You make it tough to view the video but was able to make it work.

I don't hear what you hear on Graydon's signal.  Is he the only one you hear this with or does it do it to others as well?  Maybe you need to check audio on the clearnode?


On 10/7/2021 11:02 AM, Smitty - K9CCO wrote:
Like others, I'm trying to dial in my ClearNode as best I can and I'm still seeing an issue.  It's minor but I'd like to get other ClearNode user opinions.

Take a look, you'll hear it (and see the RX light drop) on Greydon's transmission.  I "think" I still hear it on my Baofeng but not as prevalent and I'm wondering if maybe there's too much audio and it's clipping the radio.

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Gerry, this might be a good topic for our first ClearNode net. :)

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