Re: FirstNet crashes and burns

Alan - W6WN

So, we have yet another disaster, there is no AT&T service, and FirstNet goes down.... "What could possibly go wrong?"

WTF! (AKA, Why Telecom Fails!) Where is all the portable hardware (COWs, SOWs, SatCOLTs) that are supposed to be pre-positioned to roll in and replace the tower comms as soon as they're knocked out by a hurricane that people could see coming?!?

The Telcos have had 25 years now to get this right yet it keeps getting worse. And now FirstNet failures kneecap First Responders? I'm convinced that at least part of this ongoing failure is baked into a system where there's no financial incentive for Telcos to keep their service up and running - and no penalties when they don't.

I'll bet every gulf-state Subscriber, whether Residential, Commercial and Public Agency, will get their monthly bill with 0 adjustments for non-service. Are there any contractual penalties for non performance of the FirstNet system? I suspect not:

BTW, Big Telecom spends a whopping $320,000 per day on lobbying efforts to ensure no legislation detrimental to their business model ever gets passed:

This has to stop. This is not simple inconvenience. Human lives are at stake.

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