2021 CERA Enduro pictures - Net Control

Greg - KO6TH

Hi folks,

Fun event, for sure! A lot of noise when the bikes were around (and
these were supposedly the quiet ones), but very peaceful when they
weren't there. Light breeze, periods of direct sun but mostly light
shade through the pines. Lots of dust.

Radio operations were fairly normal, trying to keep track of the riders
when the sweeps failed to show. The event course wasn't published for
security reasons, and the very few who did have access to it only had a
piece of the picture. One broken bike, and two that ran out of gas,
giving locations that had no correlation to points on the Forrest
Service map. I'm really curious about the back-story of the place
called "Rock Lobster". A few random non-participants on the trail
causing confusion. Fortunately, no injuries, and I don't think they
lost anybody (though a few apparently discovered some "alternate paths"
between a couple of the checkpoints).

I remembered to take some pictures this time. See views of
the Net Control station that I operated with Aaron, K6ABJ on our Dropbox site.

Greg KO6TH

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