Comm Academy 2021

Alan - W6WN

If you missed the online Comm Academy 2021 this weekend, you missed some great Presentations, mainly focused on Emcomms.

I can't say enough about good things about these Presentations. Fortunately, they're all available on YouTube. I especially appreciated the presentations on Grounding, Gulf Coast Storms, and The Importance of ICS:

Pandemics and Power Outages - What next?

When We're on an Island: Reframing How We Plan for the Cascadia subduction Zone Earthquake:

Grounding and Bonding for Home and Mobile HF Stations:

Out of the Pan(demic) and into the (Wild)Fire: Communications Support During Large Emergencies:

Winlink, Digital Voice and Tech Based Comms - When Infrastructure Fails:

This is Not a Drill - Safety and Communications at Burning Man:

Emergency Wireless Internet following the Holiday Farm Fire:

Basic orientation for new EmComm Volunteers:

Gulf coast storms - Impacts on infrastructure, Comms, alerting and more:

The Importance of ICS in Addressing the Big Ones:

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