Re: RDF Base Station Antenna prototype

Jon - KI6RT

For EEs that have run out of things to read...

Any inputs/refinements to the RDF electronics? 
  • I usually put a Nano footprint on the board so that a Nano can just be plugged in. Should it be shield instead?
  • I used a 555 as a DC/DC voltage inverter to generate -12V. Why not an LDO? Cost. The 555 circuit is cheaper.
  • Not sure a LP filter is needed. I wanted some type of buffer for the audio therefore rather than a unity gain buffer decided might as well make it a Sallen-Key LP with an Fc of around 700 Hz.
  • Integrator to shape antenna pulses -- with the slow rise time there should be no need for a PIN diode. Thoughts?
  • Have made no attempts to separate ground domains (rf, digital, analog). Should we separate ground domains and place mecca ground at the DC input? I think not critical but...
Anyone have their CNC setup to route PCBs? I damaged stepper motor on mine so need to fix. If you have such a capability let me know & I'll send over the Geber and PCB blank.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.


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