Re: NEW! Direwatch - Raspberry Pi display driver for Direwolf / packet radio

Craig - KM6LYW

The middle board is an "FE-Pi Audio Z V2".  If you search for that, you'll find the manufacturer went out of business.

However, Budd managed to save the design files and makes limited runs.  contact
him directly .   i bought a few, i think they're about 17 bucks shipped.

I've searched for an equivalent audio board and haven't found one.  (pizero form factor, line in, line out).  Let
 me know if you see anything.

I'm going to build another one from scratch and post a video.


On 2/22/21 9:19 PM, wp913 via [] wrote:
This is really slick, Craig.

What's the board in between the display and the PiZero?



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