Re: Low cost HF Rig you can build #howto

Phil - KM6NFS

Hi Jon

Thank you so much for mentioning the TunaTinS! I hadn't seen the December QST because I joined ARRL in January. I had stumbled across Ed Hare's TunaTin2 in the May 1976 issue of QST when I was a youth. I made a photocopy of it and had done nothing with it for decades. Last year, I ordered the parts, but haven't had time to complete it. When thinking about the crystal oscillator, I figured it would be more fun to use an Si5351 than a crystal. This is what I've got mocked up so far.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that they're doing something very similar in the TunaTinS article in the December 2020 QST. I'm looking forward to reading the article and seeing how they did it. 



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