Low cost HF Rig you can build #howto


As many of us in the hobby know Ham radio can be expensive or relatively cheap (UV-5R for UHF/VHF). If cost is keeping you from HF or if you enjoy building stuff then the uBitx (https://www.hfsignals.com/index.php/ubitx-v6/) might be of interest to you. I just assembled an earlier version of the uBitx (acquired from the recent BayCon conference prizes/raffles) and was surprised it worked as well as it does! More testing required but so far, this was one of kits that went together in a few hours and powered up -- no smoke! LOL Might need to get the latest version with full color LCD...

What can one do with such low power? Well, I have been playing with the December 2020 QST TunaTinS circuit by Bob Fontana (AK3Y) that only puts out 0.5 - 1.0 watts and am making good CW contacts at < 1 watt so the uBitx with 5-10 watts is going be like...full legal limit on a hex beam at 100 ft -- just kidding but you get the idea. For a low cost receiver I am using an old RTL-SDR dongle. Not a FlexRadio but equally fun.

I've only tested uBitx on CW and will give SSB a try once I wire up the microphone :)


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