That would be great!  You could do the March 3rd Elmer Net.  I did have a script at one time, will try to find and send.

Basically (as you can tell) I just wind it.  Check-ins have been from a low of 4 to a high of 23. Typically we have 8-12.

I will be there, so no problem. 

Thanks for stepping up.  I have had some bouts with Stability (balance) and also some joint things that come and go.
When they are present, have sidelined me for a few hours and sometimes days.

Just getting old Hi Been a Ham since 1958 and now 76 years old in September!  Still can hold a mean CW QSO.

Thanks again,

My info:

Carl Schultz
2905 58th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817-1740
916 862-6802 (cell & voicemail)

On Feb 18, 2021, at 7:56 PM, Erik - W6EMR via <w6emr@...> wrote:

Hi Carl,
   I would be willing to step up and take on net control duties for the Elmer net (unless already spoken for).
You can contact me directly. My cell number is listed on the roster.
Thanks and 73,
Erik, W6EMR 

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