locked FOR SALE: K6VHP Estate Sale - SPEAKERS/MICS #forsale

Dennis - WU6X

The following SPEAKERS and MICs items are for sale from Dave Fortenberry's estate, with any suggested offer price. Access to items will be accommodated by appointment only (See contact information at the end of the list):

Drake MS-4   $50
Creative Gigaworks T20 Powered PC Speakers w/PSU $15
Celson C-5 Speakers bookshelf 2x $5
Pioneer X5 Speakers wall mount 2x $5
Sony S5-MSP88 Speaker  $5
Optimus Pro 7 Speakers bookshelf 2x $10
Speco DMS 3A Speaker  $10
Motorola   Speaker Mobile Communication – 1964 $5
RCA 40-5024 Speaker 4” $5
Nokia HF 5-12 Speaker Mobile $5
Radio Shack 277-1008C Speaker – mini amplified dc $5
Behringer UMC202HD U-phoria   Mixer – small $10
Henry Engineering Matchbox INF Stereo Interface $10
Shure SM-57 Microphone with AKG shock mount. EV case $75

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