Radio Direction Finding Project Contributors? #wanted

Jon - KI6RT

WANTED: Members interested in contributing to a RDF (Radio Direction Finding) project

The RDF project concept builds off of a well known technique employing Doppler Shift methods. Rather than building 'yet another RDF' the concept here is to create a modular RDF system that can be used:
  1. Mobile when participating in a Fox Hunt (transmitter -- similar to geocache but better :)
  2. At home to see where signal sources are coming from -- i.e. whatever frequency your receiver is tuned to (with an appropriate antenna array)
  3. As a crowd sourced (various APRS enabled RDF units that may be mobile or stationary) triangulation service that aggregates multiple APRS RDF vectors onto a map overlay -- locate transmitters, noise sources, deployed ARES members
Project 1 would cover a common Doppler assembly that would switch the antenna (electrically simulate rotation of a mechanical antenna at ~500 RPM), recover the Doppler phase shift, generate a data packet containing the Apparent 'Angle to the transmitter' and GPS position. If 'someone' gets ambitious data packet may also include 'Magnetic Heading to the transmitter' along with source travel direction, speed, elevation, etc. 

Project 2 - 4 would be various consumers of the RDF data packet. Given the number of experienced computer, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, APRS talent there could be one of a number of implementations on how the data is rendered. 

Implied in the concept is an antenna array of 4 vertically antennas. Would probably provide a reference design for VHF (130-170 MHz) and UHF (400-500 MHz) and given the nature of Hams would probably evolve into a range of interesting objects that sit on top of cars or houses :)

To get this project running we need mad skills! EEs that can help with antenna designs, circuit designs, circuit layouts, etc. CS or programming gurus to get the data plotted onto a portable display or a computer screen with map integration. Web hackers that can publish a federated view of the various RDF data sources onto a club web page. Program Managers who can over see the various threads of the project and track/report on status/progress etc. Given the nature of club projects I assume there may be multiple teams working on the same task that way the first to complete or a best of the best can be evaluated by a 'selection committee' for the final system? How about a steering committee? A Congressional task force to write voluminous requirements documents that no one will read? Perhaps aesthetics oversight committee to ensure the final product passes HOA requirements? You get the idea LOL

Well if you wish to learn more ask Brian (AI6US) or Jon (KI6RT) on the W6EK repeater. If interested in attending the Zoom please email me at jon@... and I will include you in the Zoom kick-off pow-wow tentatively targeting Tuesday 2/2 @ 1900 to discuss the project and perhaps form an initial program team. 

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