Re: Nashville bombing spotlights vulnerable voice, data networks

KM6YKX - Rob Newburn

I like the net idea too.

I've also had success with getting on the W6EK repeater (or other repeaters) and seeing if anyone wanted to try say 80 meters in the middle of the day (or 6, 10, 17, whatever). I was very surprised to see that it often works very well, even when the fish finder looks kind of dead. Same with trying 2M FM's good to know who can reach who with no infrastructure in case the need arises for a relay net. For a short time, some of us in the 2MC were "band hopping" in the evenings just for fun and experiment...starting on a repeater, going to 2M simplex, then 2M sideband, then HF...others tried to follow if they could or they might listen on Always had the repeater to fall back on for spotting.

Anyway, good thing to practice, experiment, have some go to frequencies, get to know your equipment (manual tuner settings list for various freq., etc.) and get to know some other hams out there.

So shout out on the repeater if you want to try/experiment/make antenna changes/try different antennas to see what happens!

Thanks for keeping me up late last night!

73, KM6YKX, Rob
(I can quit this hobby anytime I want ;o)

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