Re: Nashville bombing spotlights vulnerable voice, data networks

Aaron K6ABJ

Thank you all for the great information on and suggestions for an Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) net! I had fun learning about NVIS, and was pleased to know my present OCF antenna although compromised for DX due to low height above ground is perfect for NVIS.

I want to especially thank Jim N6MED for bringing this topic to my attention, Greg KO6TH for the link to Jim's video, and to Jim N6MED for his NVIS presentation. I will definitely be having fun on the airwaves with this information!

Aaron, K6ABJ

On Mon, Jan 4, 2021, at 2:59 PM, Jim - N6MED wrote:
Indeed why we have radios and the vulnerability of our public telecom network. Noteworthy besides the Nashville bombing is the AWS outage that took down a  lot of Internet service on the east coast last month(?). So far as Winlink support of disaster communications (Winlink moved to AWS from its own servers a few years ago), the outage did not affect Winlink. However, that outage gave me pause to think about our own communications plans in the event of a disaster. Certainly Winlink for digital and the various digital phone circuits, good for long haul so long as the Internet is up, are particularly vulnerable. What plans have we, those who support NGOs and those gov't agencies open to using the amateur radio services, for working through telecom service degradation?

For example, late last June a wild land fire in the Susanville area took out ALL of the public telecom infrastructure serving Susanville. The local ham club had three repeaters, all digital. During blue skies they had world-wide comms. During the fire all they had was local comms between the three machines. The only way to get traffic in and out was, literally, Chevy Net. They had made no provision or connecting with any agency (e.g., ARES or CalOES CRU) for such an event.

IMHO, we would do well to develop both hardened repeater systems (or ensure existing ones are hardened) and an HF NVIS net, all in the event of. Winlink has the provision for P2P connections. We at the Red Cross CA Gold Country Region are working toward P2P NVIS for the purpose.

Just some thoughts from N6MED

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